PowerMove 1000W Portable generator with Lithium-Ion battery

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PowerMove 1000W Portable generator with Lithium-Ion battery

  • Ease of transport and deployment
  • Charge from PV panel or AV grid
  • 3 power sources available: 230V AC, 12V DC and 5V DC
  • Embedded lithium-ion battery fully secured with BMS
  • High efficiency pure sine inverter (>85%)
  • LiFePO4 battery for long lifecycle >10 years

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1000W Portable Generator with Lithium Ion Battery PowerMove: nomadic storage and distribution energy solution

The 1000W portable generator with lithium ion batteries is particularly useful for Off-Grid applications. It is especially appreciated when the power grid is unstable. You then have a 220V AC and 12V and 5V DC power source for the continuity of your operations. The 1000W portable generator is an ideal solution to benefit from a power source wherever you are. Thanks to Lithium ion technology, this module is completely safe and extremely light. It offers a practical use and allows to benefit from a large energy capacity.

A wide range of applications

  • trade fairs and exhibitions
  • outdoor events, concerts, entertainment
  • disaster relief camps
  • camping and lighting
  • cash registers and payment terminals
  • computers and office tools
  • electrical tools
  • mobile phone recharge
  • etc…

Learn more about the camping and outdoor activities application



The technology of our 1000W portable generators with Lithium ion batteries allows:

  • high capacity for low weight,
  • to ensure a very high level of safety in use.

    The 1000W portable generator with Lithium ion batteries incorporates an innovative control system called Battery Management Systems (BMS).
    It monitors the voltage and temperature of each Lithium ion cell. The BMS also protects the battery from misuse or tampering (deep discharge, inadequate charging voltage, etc.).

The BMS of 1000W portable generators with lithium ion batteries monitors the state of:

  • Cell tension
  • Cell temperature
  • Real-time cell balancing for optimized lifespan
  • Too high charge or discharge currents

1000W Portable generators with very high lifespan!

The Lithium ion batteries that power our PowerMove product line are designed to last more than 10 years. This estimate is based on the number of recharge cycles (2000 to 1000) when a lead-acid battery has a life of 2 to 3 years (500 to 600 cycles).

How to charge your portable generators?

The 1000W portable generators with lithium ion PowerMove batteries can be charged from a power outlet. They can also be charged via a solar panel. The standard MC4 connectors for solar panels are located on the rear face of the product.

Our 1000W portable generators are made of Lithium ion batteries that have no memory effect.
Thus, no loading precautions are necessary. You can partially or fully recharge your battery when it suits you best. That is to say, without having to wait for the complete discharge, nor to carry out a full charge cycle of the battery.

-Solar panel not included-

Portable 1000W portable generators with more eco-friendly Lithium ion batteries!

PowerMove Lithium ion battery-powered portable generators do not harm the planet. Lithium iron phosphate batteries LiFe (LiFePO4) have a better ecological footprint. They do not contain heavy metals (lead) or acid. The high efficiency of the batteries (96%!) ensures a very low energy loss during use.

PowerMove 1000W Portable generator with Lithium-Ion battery
rated output power1000W
rated energy1280Wh
AC output2x 230V/50Hz (socket: French/European/German)
DC output2x 5V USB (500mA)

2x 12V (3A)

output waveformpure sine wave inverter
conversion efficiency>85%
battery capacity24V, 50Ah (lithium-ion)
battery chemistrylithium iron phosphate (LifePO4)
solar charge controller24V 20A (charging time: 3 hours under efficient sunlight)
solar panel connectorMC4
overload protectionyes
under-voltage alarmyes
overheat protectionyes
short-circuit protectionyes
external battery chargeryes
certificateCE and RoHS
handling2 handles and 2 wheels
net weight28.6kg
Download PowerMove 1000W specifications
Download the PowerMove 1000W user manual


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