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Chargers for 24V Lithium battery

MyLithiumBattery offers high-precision chargers for 24V lithium ion batteries.

Charging current is automatically regulated thanks to its algorithm for more efficient charging and longer battery lifespan.

The chargers are equipped with different LED’s on the front panel. When the red LED lights up, it indicates that the charger is energized. If 2 red LEDs are displayed, this means that the charger is charging. Finally, if the charger has two green LEDs, it means that the charging is complete.

The LFP (LiFePO4) technology allows fast charging of the battery. As this technology has a very low discharge (<5% per month), the floating function is not useful.The charging voltage of a 24V LFP battery is 29.2V +- 0.1V. To know the charging time of an LFP battery according to the associated charger, simply divide the capacity of the battery (Ah) by the available charging current (A) of the charger. For example, for a 100Ah battery with a 25A charger: 100/25=4 that is to say around 4h.[/su_expand]

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