POWERBRICK® Lithium-Ion Battery vs conventional LEad acid battery


TROJAN 1275 AGM Deep Cycle

Length : 329mm
width : 179mm
Height : 278mm
Length : 260mm
width : 168mm
Height : 212mm
77% smaller
Weight : 40kgWeight : 13.6kg
194% lighter
Capacity at C0.5 : 80Ah
Capacity at C1 : 100Ah
Capacity at C5 : 119Ah
Capacity at C0.5 : 100Ah
Capacity at C1 : 100Ah
Capacity at C5 : 100Ah
Constant Power
and Energy
Cycles at 80% DoD: 500 cycles
Cycles at 55% DoD: 800 cycles
Cycles at 80% DoD: 3000 cycles
Cycles at 55% DoD: 8000 cycles
Cycle Life
6x to 10x greater

  • PowerBrick® Lithium Ion Batteries are designed to replace outdated Lead Acid, Gel and AGM batteries
  • Drop In Replacement – Same group sizes as standard lead acid batteries
  • Maximum safety with advanced Built-in Battery Management System
  • PowerBrick® technology can last up to 5000 cycles
  • Robust design in an isolated and waterproof casing (IP56)
  • Guaranteed to last – up to 5 years Warranty – repairable for life
  • Connect multiple batteries in parallel or in series
  • 100% Zero maintenance
  • 200% lighter than lead acid
  • 80% smaller than lead acid
  • Dry Battery – No Toxic Lead, Gases or Acid
  • Safe – ROHS compliant No Lead or Acid
  • Every PowerBrick® has a patented “internal” BMS
  • Hundreds of products in stock and ready to ship
  • Excellent customer service and 24/7 online technical support
  • High Quality, Safe Lithium Ion Batteries with the industries best warranty
  • Europe-wide shipping, ship from multiple distribution centers in Europe