12V and 24V LED battery indicators

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  • Mini LED Battery Indicator.
  • Compatible with 12/24V LiFePO4 battery.
  • Unique Design Including: easy installation with M3 screws or zip ties, IP65
  • CE and ROHS certification.

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12V and 24V LED battery indicators for Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries

12V and 24V LED battery indicators allow to perform your battery life.

The LED indicator is compatible with lithium iron phosphate, LiFe, LiFePO4, LFP technologies.
It can be used for 12V and 24V batteries.
It is fitted with 0.65m wire for connecting to the battery poles.
Battery Level Testing System Including: 5 LED real-time display, Automatic sleep
Unique Design Including: easy installed by screws or zip ties, waterproof Rate IP65
After 30s no operation on the button, the LED will be not lit any more until press the button again. This in order to help save more battery energy.


Protection:IP65 case
Operate temperature:-10 ~ +50°C
Operate humidity: <+90%RH
Storage temperature:-40 to +70°C
Storage humidity:0 to +95%RH
Cooling:Natural convection
Vibration resistance:5MM/50HZ/600S
Impact resistance:1 meter drop test >=3times

Fuel gauge

LED1 flashing light LED 2-5 off:10% full capacity
LED1 solid light LED 2-5 off:20% full capacity
LED1 solid LED2 flashing LED3-5 off:30% full capacity
LED1-2 solid light LED3-5 off:40% full capacity
LED1-2 solid LED3 flashing LED4-5 off:50% full capacity
LED1-3 solid light LED4-5 off:60% full capacity
LED1-3 solid LED4 flashing LED5 off:70% full capacity
LED1-4 solid light LED5 off:80% full capacity
LED1-4 solid, LED5 flashing:90% full capacity
LED1-5 solid:100% full capacity


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