4A-48V battery charger for Lithium Iron Phosphate battery

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4A-48V battery charger for Lithium Iron Phosphate battery

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240W-4A Charger for 48V Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFe (LiFePO4) battery

The 240W-4A charger for 48V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery optimizes the performance and lifespan of Lithium batteries.

This product is designed for the product lines:

Charge algorithm

The 240W-4A charger for 48V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery incorporates a charging algorithm fully compatible with Lithium Iron Phosphate technology batteries. Constant current (CC) / Constant voltage (CV) up to the end of the charge set at a current level of 200mA. The LFP (LiFePO4) technology allows a fast charging of the battery, sometimes in only 2 hours. As this technology has a very low discharge (<5% per month), the floating function is not useful. Charging current is automatically regulated thanks to its algorithm for more efficient charging and longer battery lifespan.

For safety

It is protected against short-circuit and accidental polarity reversal. The metal case with active ventilation system allows the charger to be used in harsh environments or hot climates.

Electrical insolation

The charger has a full electrical isolation allowing several chargers to be connected in parallel to increase the charging power and shorten the charging time.

With energy efficiency > 85%, the charger produces less heat, delivers more energy and allows faster charging.

The material
  • Front panel LEDs: LED 1 RED (power supply), LED 2 RED (charging), LED 2 GREEN (complete charging)
  • Electrical protection: Short-circuit, reverse polarity, overvoltage
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Power supply 230VAC-50/60Hz
240W-4A Charger for 48V Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries
Rated input voltage230 VAC
Input voltage range100-240VAC
AC input voltage frequency47-63Hz
Nominal charge voltage51.2V (16 cells LiFePO4)
Charge voltage58.4V +- 0.1V (16 cells LiFePO4)
Constant current4+- 0.5 A
Power efficiency>85%
Maximum output power240W
End of charge condition0.12A < Charge current < 0.30A
Output voltage range36-58.4V
Output over voltage protection64V
Over voltage protectionThe charger software limits the maximum output voltage to a
level suitable for the connected battery system
Thermal cutbackThe internal temperature monitor reduces the charger output
power in extreme operational temperature to prevent damage
Output short circuit protection6A
Short circuit protection at the output terminals.
Automatic recovery after restoring to normal conditions
Reverse battery protectionThe charger is protected against reversed battery connection.
Operating temperatures (max/min)+40°C / -10°C
Storage temperatures (max/min)60°C / -20°C (allow 2 hours to recover to normal temperature)
Download 48V-4A LFP battery charger Specifications

48V-4A LFP battery charger Specifications

Download {product}} User Manual

48V-4A LFP battery charger User Manual


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